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How Much Do Foot Models Get Paid?

How Much Do Foot Models Get Paid?

Foot modeling becomes very popular recently. It’s very easy and no skills required to become a foot model.

The rate is totally depends on what kinds of foot modeling you do. Foot models are get paid approximately $50/Hrs.

 What Are The Basic Requirements to be a Foot Model?

Foot Models: The same goes for foot models. Models should be able to fit sample shoe sizes and should have slender feet, straight toes, attractive ankles, clean and uniform nails, and no calluses or blemishes of any kind. And again, men’s feet shouldn’t be overly hairy.

Leg Models: For female leg models, legs should be long and slender and free of blemishes and varicose veins. They also need to be waxed and well moisturized. Male leg models shouldn’t be overly muscular, and like their female counterparts, their legs should be long, shapely and free of blemishes (and again, not too hairy).


If you want to apply for foot modeling, you can apply at the following link:

Foot Modeling Job Application

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    1. Size 5.5 in women’s shoes size 4 in girls shoes and size 6 in women’s boots high arches have been told many times my feet are beautiful and want to worship them

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