Part Time Foot Modeling Jobs Belgrade, Serbia

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Student Jobs in Belgrade Serbia

Earn Extra Income Modeling Your Feet

It doesn’t matter what the rest of your body looks like, but foot models have to have cute feet. Female foot models should have clean, hairless, well-cared feet with straight fingers, uniform nail beds, and a nice even skin tone.

Foot Modeling Jobs Belgrade – Serbia

We’re looking for female foot models in Center (Near Zira Shopping Center), Belgrade, Serbia.

Model candidates should have slender feet, straight toes, attractive ankles, clean and uniform nails, and no calluses or blemishes of any kind.

We pay 50 Euro for 3 hours video shot. Or 90 Euro for the full day
Weekly work is available.

You can apply for foot modeling today and start working today! If you have nice feet, you can start working at the same day. Foot Modeling Jobs in Belgrade, Serbia.

If you’re looking for part-time jobs, student jobs in Belgrade, you can consider foot modeling.

You can also apply by sending the info and the photos to

You can check Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Hey! Thanks for the opportunity, it was great working with you. Looking forward to working with you again. Mara”

”It was great working with you! Thank you for the opportunity. Milica, Model”

In order to be a foot model, you need to apply through application page. See what type of arches you have. Most foot models have high arched feet, which gives their feet a naturally graceful curve. You will not always be wearing shoes as a foot model, there are many different types of foot modeling.

Please visit the application page and fill in the form and add some recent photos of your feet. Foot modeling jobs can be vary such as; solo foot modeling; you show off your feet and soles. Please apply and take a shot at foot modeling, do not forget weekly works are available.

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