How to Be a Part-Time Model

How to Be a Part-Time Model

The life of a fashion model sounds glamorous — from photo shoots in high-end designer clothing to fat paychecks that pave the way for an opulent lifestyle. The journey to the top of the fashion world as a model, however, is a highly competitive one, and chances of becoming successful enough in the industry to be a full-time model can be slim. However, those who pursue a part-time modeling career will not only be able to balance a life in fashion with another desirable career, but can enjoy many of the same perks as full-time models.

Landing a Job

Step 1Research what kind of model you want to become. Models often specialize in runway or print, or they focus their efforts on a particular facet of the industry, such as plus-size fashion, swimwear or lingerie. Find the requirements for models in different fields of fashion, and do an honest self-study of your qualities and how they match what modeling scouts and agents want.


Step 2Learn everything about the industry, from big names in fashion to the industry’s jargon. Subscribe to and read fashion magazines, research the current season’s fashion trends, find local fashion shows and develop an idea of what looks you like. Modeling scouts and agents don’t want just a pretty face; they want someone who has a passion for fashion.

Take and remember your measurements. Modeling scouts, agents and agencies will ask and expect you to know things like your height, weight and shoe size. Knowing your clothing measurements, skin tone and natural hair color, for example, will also be helpful.

Step 4Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of you. Modeling scouts, agents and agencies will ask for raw, professional photos when you apply for jobs to help them see how you photograph. During your scheduled shoot, ask the photographer you’ve hired for head shots, body shots and profile shots.

Step 5Build a modeling portfolio using your professional photographs and any photographs from former modeling jobs. Your portfolio will show modeling scouts, agents and agencies your modeling range.

Step 6Schedule a time to meet with a modeling agent or agency. Bring your modeling portfolio with you, and prepare to be interviewed, photographed and asked to take test shots. Be positive and upbeat during your visit to show you’re likable and easy to work with, and wear simple, classic clothing. Remember, you’re presenting yourself as a palette for fashion designers and photographers to use to showcase their work. Tell the agent or agency ahead of time that you’re primarily interested in part-time work.

Working the Photo Shoot or Runway Shows

Step 1Confirm with your agency or employer before a job what time you should be at the photo shoot or runway show, and ask what items you need to bring. Some employers will ask you not to wear makeup, keep your hair straight and remove nail polish before coming to the set.

Step 2Arrive at photo shoots and runway shows on time, if not early. Being late will not only delay a shoot or show, but it could cost you a job, a position with a modeling agency or your reputation.

Step 3Keep published photographs or pictures from runway shows to add to your portfolio. More experience means more and better-paying modeling jobs in the future.

  • Be courteous, polite and professional during jobs; everyone enjoys working with a positive, smiling peer.


  • Never lie about your measurements.
  • Don’t take on too many jobs if you want to stay part-time.

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