Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Where is your studio?

Voždovac, Belgrade, Serbia

How much will I be paid?

Payments are 3.000 RSD for an hour 6.000 RSD for 2 hours shot. It’s paid cash at the shooting.

How often can I work?

If you have beautiful feet, weekly work is available. It also depend on the performance of you in the shots. If you’re an easy going person with cute feet, you can be sure that we work with you weekly for years.

Do you pay cash at shots? When will I be paid?

Yes, payment are paid cash at the shot.  You will be paid in the same day at the shot.

Do I have to show my face in the videos?

In order to get paid full, your face should be visible in the videos. If your face are shown in the videos, you’ll need to sign a model release form.

If you don’t want to show your face in the clips, you may wear a wig and a mask or sunglasses. If you don’t show your face, we pay max 3.000 RSD – 4.000 RSD for 2 hours.

If you have cute feet and don’t want to show your face at all, you may still perform in video clips. We prefer to work with models regularly  who show their faces in the videos.

Where will the videos are shown?

The feet videos are not shown in public websites. The videos are sold on marketplaces. Only the clients whom purchase the clips can see them.

Can I bring my friend (boy friend, girl friend, my dog, uncle, dad, mum, grandma, grandpa) to the studio?

No, you cannot bring anybody to the studio. There is no exception.

What do I wear in shots?

You can wear leggings, skirts, shorts, jeans. Boyshorts and sport bras are the most preferred outfits in shots.

What kind of videos do you take?

I take feet & soles, food & object compression videos.

Foot modeling: you show your feet and soles to the camera.
Food and object crush: You crush some vegetables, fruits with your feet.
Trampling; the act of standing & walking on one’s body.

Can I apply with my friends?

Sure, if you have friends who have cute feet, you can apply and work together. We love to work with 2-3 models at a time.

What kind of feet are the best for foot modeling jobs?

High arched with smooth toes and wide heels. I personally like pinkish & reddish soles with wide heels.

If you still have any questions, please contact us via contact form.

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