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How to Boost Your Foot Fetish Clips Sales

Tips for How to Boost Your Foot Fetish Clips Sales

Tip #1 – Take advantage of your admin email feature to send your unique code to your  customers.

Tip #2 – You can attach your unique CID code to the end of any clip links you are posting online. Make sure you add the code correctly by adding your full unique CID code the the end of your clip URL.

Tip #3 – You can offer goods (ex. extra clips sent outside of marketplace, autographed photos etc.) or services (ex. private chat, webcam etc.) to your customers in order to increase sales.

Tip #4 – Search the net for adult forums, message boards and social groups in your fetish and if it’s allowed post a link to your store. (Twitter is one of the best options)

You can sell your foot pics

Tip #5 – Stay consistent with your promotions! Don’t just post your unique link code once on social media. Keep your posts varied and interesting and keep promoting your clips and store throughout the contest!

Tip #6 – Create your own website and sell your foot fetish clips and products.

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