How to Boost Your Foot Fetish Clips Sales

Foot Fetish Clips

Tips for How to Boost Your Foot Fetish Clips Sales

Tip #1 – Take advantage of your admin email feature to send your unique code to your  customers.

Tip #2 – You can attach your unique CID code to the end of any clip links you are posting online. Make sure you add the code correctly by adding your full unique CID code the the end of your clip URL.


Tip #3 – You can offer goods (ex. extra clips sent outside of marketplace, autographed photos etc.) or services (ex. private chat, webcam etc.) to your customers in order to increase sales.

Tip #4 – Search the net for adult forums, message boards and social groups in your fetish and if it’s allowed post a link to your store. (Twitter is one of the best options)

You can use the following forum to promote your clips
Foot Fetish Forum

Tip #5 – Stay consistent with your promotions! Don’t just post your unique link code once on social media. Keep your posts varied and interesting and keep promoting your clips and store throughout the contest!

Tip #6 – Create your own website and sell your foot fetish clips and products.

Food Crushing – Foot Modeling

food crush

Food crushing is one of the most enjoyable modeling jobs as a foot model. All you need is to trample, squish, crush and make flat foods with your feet.

What kind of foods do I crush?

You may crush any kind of vegetables and fruits such as: banana, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, eggplant, melon, water melon. You will need to crush some, cake, bread, cookie, chocolate, marshmallow and some similar stuff.

Do I have to crush food barefoot?

You may crush food bare feet, in socks and in high heels.

Do I have to show my face in the videos?

Yes and no. Food crushing is not and adult content, so you should show your face in the videos. You may prefer not to show your face, then you’re very likely to sell less videos.

How much am I get paid for this?

You’ll be paid $25 – $50 / Hrs based on your experience and appearance of your feet. If you have beautiful feet, you’ll be paid more.

You can check the sample Food Crush Clips at

How Much Do Foot Models Get Paid?

foot modeling

How Much Do Foot Models Get Paid?

Foot modeling becomes very popular recently. It’s very easy and no skills required to become a foot model.

The rate is totally depends on what kinds of foot modeling you do. Foot models are get paid approximately $50/Hrs.

 What Are The Basic Requirements to be a Foot Model?

Foot Models: The same goes for foot models. Models should be able to fit sample shoe sizes and should have slender feet, straight toes, attractive ankles, clean and uniform nails, and no calluses or blemishes of any kind. And again, men’s feet shouldn’t be overly hairy.

Leg Models: For female leg models, legs should be long and slender and free of blemishes and varicose veins. They also need to be waxed and well moisturized. Male leg models shouldn’t be overly muscular, and like their female counterparts, their legs should be long, shapely and free of blemishes (and again, not too hairy).


If you want to apply for foot modeling, you can apply at the following link:

Foot Modeling Job Application

How to Be a Part-Time Model

How to Be a Part-Time Model

The life of a fashion model sounds glamorous — from photo shoots in high-end designer clothing to fat paychecks that pave the way for an opulent lifestyle. The journey to the top of the fashion world as a model, however, is a highly competitive one, and chances of becoming successful enough in the industry to be a full-time model can be slim. However, those who pursue a part-time modeling career will not only be able to balance a life in fashion with another desirable career, but can enjoy many of the same perks as full-time models.

Landing a Job

Step 1Research what kind of model you want to become. Models often specialize in runway or print, or they focus their efforts on a particular facet of the industry, such as plus-size fashion, swimwear or lingerie. Find the requirements for models in different fields of fashion, and do an honest self-study of your qualities and how they match what modeling scouts and agents want.


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