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How to Be a Foot Model?

Many people believe that foot modeling is not as reputable of a field as face and body modeling in terms of high fashion. Models already have nice feet in certain respects, but having perfect, close-up style feet for the most expensive shoe collections on the planet is not easy. If you believe your feet have what it takes, prepare to be amazed by how to truly be a foot model.

  1. Identify if you have the genes for it. Unfortunately, being a foot model is 90% based on your genetics. You cannot do much with a foot that has toes out of proportion or too many varicose veins on the ankle. Flat feet will give you more trouble when walking in high heels all the time, and any other types of foot injuries could cause for a painful high heel career. Up front, you should know the strengths and weaknesses of your feet and how to cope with them.
  2. See what type of arches you have. Most foot models have high arched feet, which gives their feet a naturally graceful curve. You will not always be wearing shoes as a foot model, so if you do not have a natural slender curve to your feet, you very well might not be called back.
  3. Try other methods to protect your feet. If you know that you frequently blister in heels, try using second skin. Second skin is a type of spray-on band aid that will prevent blistering. Many foot modeling agencies carry this, and in most photo shoots they will probably have it on the set, but think about carrying your own so that you do not get blisters before you even step on to the shoot.
  4. Keep your feet clean and healthy. Wear clean, dry socks and newer shoes. If you know that your feet smell, buy foot deodorizers for your shoes and keep them handy.
  5. Work out your feet and ankles. Luckily, one of the best ways to create sculpted feet is by wearing high heels, which is a lot of what you will be doing. Do plenty of calf raises on the side, though, and you still need to be in decent shape, as fat stores everywhere. Just because you are a foot model does not mean you can ignore what the rest of your body looks like.
  6. Once you have established clean, healthy, and naturally beautiful feet, create a professional portfolio of your feet. Getting professional pictures taken of your feet in various settings, both with and without shoes, will come in handy when you try to go to an agency.
  7. If you get hired, make sure to get frequent pedicures and to continue to keep your feet and ankles in shape. As people get older, they grow varicose veins on occasion. If you get these, you may need to consider cosmetic surgery to remove them. Always be polite and professional and get plenty of foot massages to keep your feet happy.
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  1. I live in Lexington and looking for a part time job. I have petite feet. I wanna work as a foot model.
    I will fill in the application form.

  2. I came to your How to Be a Foot Model page. I’m interested in being a foot model. I have nice nice and high arched feet.

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