Body Part Modelling

What is a body part model?

A body part model is a very specialist person who has a particular feature of their body with is outstanding: more beautiful and perfect than that of the average person. Unlike normal models, they usually don’t have to meet the same kind of strict all over physical requirements, such as height, weight, perfect skin all over and lush, healthy hair. However, normal models may do some body part modelling where they can get it. A lot of body part models don’t do the work full time, but use it to supplement their income.


Is there demand for all body parts?

No. There are a handful (excuse the pun) of parts which are in demand because of the nature of the product they are intended to promote.

For companies selling gloves, shoes or earrings, there’s no point having a full length body shot of a model, because their products will not take focus. So they require close ups that will best sell their items.

Therefore, the parts that are most in demand are hands, feet, arms, legs, eyes and ears. They can sell small products and accessories such as rings, bracelets, gloves, shoes, socks, stockings, foot jewellery, eye make-up, contact lenses and earrings. All of these products would be unclear or practically invisible in a full length shot.

Could I be a body part model?

If you’d like to get into modelling, but don’t meet the general physical requirements (such as a minimum height of 5’8″), then it may be an option.

Identify which part of your body might be suitable and take some test shots. Use a good camera and make sure there’s good light (a camera phone in your bedroom probably won’t cut it), and try lots of different angles, ‘naked’ and with different accessories. Getting a professional photographer will help you get a sense of the best results, but it’s not critical at this stage.

Once you’ve done that, look over your pictures. It can be strange at first! Does your hand or foot come across photogenically? Which angles are the best? Are there any belishes which leap out now that you’re looking at it on camera?

Once you’ve selected some pictures you’re happy with, find out which modelling agencies accept body part models in your area and submit your photos. Make sure you follow their guidelines carefully and don’t submit to agencies that state they only accept full length and head shots – you’ll only be wasting your time – and their.

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Top Tips to Become a Model

Top Tips to Become a Model

Like many other people around the globe, you may have entertained the dream to become a model. The lucrative nature of this career path along with the fame and glamour that comes with it is often the main motivators behind such dreams.

But living it out is what poses the challenge for many. In order to get that single break that makes one famous and gives them the needed exposure, some have had to wait years. However, patience is not always a virtue in this field because the main aspect that helps on to become a model is physical appeal – something that fades with time.

Well, there are certain points that can really help one towards realizing this career aspiration with out having to wait forever. One of these is good health. This is a general requirement that carries with it so many demands for one who wants to become a model.

Good health is what enables one to keep fit, maintaining the correct Body Mass Index, the right complexion and clear skin, healthy hair and general symmetry. This may require the help of a personal trainer with whose expert guidance you will be closer to fulfilling the dream to become a model.

A second secret is to take the initiative. This also involves a number of things that require self-motivation. Sitting at home and hoping to be discovered with least inconvenience is the mistake many would-be models make.

Attending modeling events, creating a portfolio and taking it to agencies and modeling houses, and being out there in the full view of the world are all essential for one to become a model. It will only take the interest of one person to realize your potential and want to turn you into a star.

In order to become a model, it is also necessary to determine in advance the exact path you would like to take. By choosing the type of modeling that suits your body type and attributes you greatly increase your chances of becoming one.

A curvaceous female may for instance fit well in the category of plus size models. There are foot models, hair, underwear and even nail models and that perfect body is not always the basic requirement for one to become a model. Find out your greatest strength and focus on it.

When you get called for an interview, make the most of this opportunity by preparing well in advance. Find out the type of processes that are involved in such interviews and you may actually get to become a model this time around.

How to Be a Foot Model?

Many people believe that foot modeling is not as reputable of a field as face and body modeling in terms of high fashion. Models already have nice feet in certain respects, but having perfect, close-up style feet for the most expensive shoe collections on the planet is not easy. If you believe your feet have what it takes, prepare to be amazed by how to truly be a foot model.
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